2016 Round 16 Netball vs IK


In the not so desirable conditions, the Island girls came up against tough competition. From the first whistle, Inverloch really made the Island girls work hard for every goal. Yet, both the attack end and the defence end stood up and created vital turnovers. Beautiful goaling from Makayla and Maisie and tough one-on-one defence from Tayla, Chanice and Gracie put the pressure right back onto Inverloch. Although the mid courters Xyleigh, Harry, Bella and Sunday and Jarrah worked hard all game through the middle, the Island girls unfortunately went down in the end.

Final score: PI 15 def by Inverloch 29

Best: Maisie Vance and Makayla Morris



On a wet morning, our girls came out with a competitive start. We had some really good passages of play, but unfortunately Inverloch got into our heads. Our shooters were on fire even though the wind was really strong. Our defenders kept applying effective pressure and did an outstanding job. Well done girls!!!

Final score: PI 15 def by Inverloch 38

Best: Ashlee Moxey and Emily Lethbridge



What a great game!! No love lost with lots of school mates playing against each other in another cold and windy day at Inverloch. Without their main shooter Inverloch had to find another player to step up. First quarter was very even but the Island put together their best quarter of the year to be 10 goals ahead at half time. Positional changes by Inverloch brought Abbey McCaughan to goals with immediate results. Island up by 2 at three quarter time. But the Island girls lead in defence by Hayley, Chloe and Laura who held strong. Mid court Jess, Nell, Ash and Jazz kept running and presenting opportunities for Taylah and Kate to bang in the goals. Well done Chelsea for being a team player. Great coaching by Nicole and Jules to hold tight made for a very good confident booster for the girls weeks out from the finals. Really impressive game by both teams. Well done!

Final score: PI 42 def Inverloch 39

Best: Nell Chaston and Taylah Turner


C Grade

The girls weren't keen to get out in the horrible conditions today. Most of them looked freezing but they perked up quickly. Pippa, "I'm awesome, give it to me," was swishing shots from everywhere. Bec ably assisted her and Carly was swift around the mid court. Jess showed her leadership on court and was assisted by the out of sorts warrior. Sass was on fire in defence today and Hayley, Tori and Tahlia backed her up well. Let's have a crack next week girls!

Final score: PI 23 def by Inverloch 40

Best: Hayley Moxey, Sarah Tyrell and Pippa Treppo

Auction award: Pippa Treppo


B Grade

As soon as the girls stepped onto the court the rain came down but that didn't deter the girls playing a strong first quarter loosing it only by three goals. Second quarter was more challenging for Phillip Island with Inverloch making a lead by eight goals. After a few changes in the third quarter the girls seemed to find their feet again and with consistent passing and some clean intercepts were able to close the gap in the scores. The final quarter for Phillip Island was the best quarter of the game with outstanding play by all on the court. They won this quarter by three goals. Well done girls!

Final score: PI 36 def by Inverloch 48

Best: Emily Semple and Kaitlyn Jones

Cheeky Goose award: Mel Kalis

Auction award: Emily Semple


A Grade

The sun came out right as the girls stepped onto the court but unfortunately it did not stay that way for the remainder of the game. The girls started strong and had a great first quarter only going down to Inverloch by two at the first break. As the game went on and the weather worsened, the Island girls struggled to keep up with a fast-paced Inverloch team. Shooters Taylah and Kelly were doing a great job in the ring considering such windy conditions and it was great to see young Jess Drazzi step up once our fierce leader Kate was out of the game due to illness. Amber, Lawri and Tessa were providing great pressure down the defensive end and Kaitlyn Jones who came on in the last quarter to support Diddy in the mid court, did a fantastic job at feeding into the shooters. It was a tough match in tougher conditions but the Island girls should hold their heads up high as the came away with a smaller margin then the last time they faced Inverloch.

Final score: PI 38 def by Inverloch 56

Best: Taylah Turner and Lawri Piera

Auction award: Taylah Turner